What is a painweb?

A painweb starts with a single pain strand which, over time, begins to weave an intricate & complex web of pain into one’s life, in turn affecting the lives of their family members as well.

The very first single pain strand may be the result of an injury caused by an accident or disease. When we experience pain from an injury or disease, we seek medical intervention and expect the injury or disease, to heal & the pain to subside within a reasonable amount of time. During the healing period, one’s life may be dramatically affected. Coping with pain may become challenging & frustrating to you and your family. It’s natural to want to return to a normal routine of life as soon as possible.

Family & home responsibilities, work commitments, social & recreational activities are what give us quality of life. Even more fundamentally, these things define who and what we are in our lives. We share our medical provider’s confidence that their expertise & proven abilities will result in our being as good as new in no time, and soon this will all be over and in the past, leaving behind the remnants of the painweb to turn to dust.

What if there was no return to your normal routine of life? What if the life you knew & worked hard for was gone? What if your pain continued to worsen despite all that modern medicine could offer? What if you never healed, but rather your medical disorders & pain grew worse and more complicated over time, preventing you from fulfilling your role within your family; causing you to withdrawal from friends; unable to return to your career / work? What if you were no longer able to recognize the individual staring back at you in the mirror?

If you find yourself relating to any of this, please take the time to visit mypainweb. It is my hope that you will gain some clarity and understanding as you struggle within your own painweb. Perhaps it will help you understand the painweb of someone close to you.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about I urge you to visit mypainweb as well.

There was a time when I, too lived my life with freedom, independence and confidence, pain and injury free.

There was a time when I, too was unaware of how pain spins a web, snaring one’s quality of life.

The goal of mypainweb is simply to provide understanding to help you achieve a better quality of life as you face your own obstacles of living with pain.

Visit mypainweb to see a painweb in action…..

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