State Medical Board Check

Available to you are resources to confirm a Doctor’s credentials including the following:

  • Has my physician been disciplined by a state medical board?
  • Where did my physician obtained their medical education?
  • What is my physician’s educational degree?
  • Is my physician board certified?
  • Is my physician licensed in any other states?
  • Has my physician ever used another name?

The following website below is a link to your States Medical Board:

State Medical Boards

Simply click your State, and then follow the instructions for “profile information” to enter a Doctor’s name and obtain the profile information. There is no cost for this information.

If you would like more specific Doctor background information you can visit:

Federation of State Medical Boards
Nationwide Physician Credentials

The above two Doctor background information services are extensive and are made available for a nominal fee.

Interestingly, Doctors with whom I’ve discussed this Doctor State Medical Board Check have responded with positive support and appreciativeness. They have been pleased to see that I have taken the responsibility of making the best decision for my nedical care.

While you have every right to request and receive this type of Doctor background information, I thought it would be of value to provide you the link below concerning your right to your medical records:

Medical Privacy Rights

mypainweb “Timeline” contains a vast amount of medical information accumulated over the years regarding my medical situation. I have this information because I’ve asked for it. Your medical information is yours, and it’s your right to request it.

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