A painweb starts with a single pain strand which, overtime, begins to weave an intricate & complex web of pain into one’s life, in turn affecting the lives of their family members as well.

What if there was no return to your normal routine of life?  The life you knew & worked hard for was gone.  What if your pain continued to worsen despite all that modern medicine could offer?  What if you never healed, but rather your medical disorders & pain grew worse, and more complicated overtime, preventing you from fulfilling your role within your family; causing you to withdrawal from friends; unable to return to your career / work?  What if you were no longer able to recognize the individual staring back at you in the mirror?

The goal of mypainweb is simply to provide understanding to help you achieve a better quality of life as you face your own obstacles of living with chronic pain.

Visit mypainweb to see a painweb in action and understand how pain spins a web, snaring one’s quality of life.




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