mypainweb shows you that you are not alone……it’s reported that today over 100 million people in the U.S. alone suffer from chronic pain.

Controversy and contradiction are found in almost every aspect of chronic pain.  It’s so widespread and deeply rooted, that controversy and contradiction are, in of itself, an added strand within the painweb.

While the numbers may vary somewhat based upon who is reporting, it is universally accepted that chronic pain is a major public health problem.  According to the National Centers for Health Statistics, chronic pain has reached epidemic proportions.

In 1999 50 million people suffered from chronic pain.  In 2010 in the United States alone that number increased to over 76 million..

There lacks a single, seamless approach to managing chronic pain.  While there is no shortage of interventions, with new ones being introduced on an almost daily basis, chronic pain continues to run rampant.

Albert Einstein once said “ Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  The repetitive practice of diagnostic testing, of prescribing medications, along with an ever growing menu of surgical procedures does not insure a reduction or elimination of chronic pain.  The hope of restoring function and quality of life often falls short of the expected target.

Mutual frustration from both the doctor and chronic pain patient is a common result.  Despite expensive interventions, including those recently developed, chronic pain continues at epidemic levels.

It’s important to understand that much has been published and debated about the actual existence of chronic pain.  There remains much controversy in, and contradiction of chronic pain, in both the actual existence of chronic pain, and the methods used to treat it.

I’ve made the effort to understand and learn about my chronic pain causes, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatments.  I offer suggestions to my doctor while questioning my doctor’s advice and proposed solutions.  The internet is a valuable resource that helps transform a patient into an active partner with their doctor.

This type of cohesive partnership allows me to further take charge of mypainweb while building my confidence and improving my quality of life.


If it were that easy, then the numbers of people living in chronic pain would be decreasing.  We know that is not the trend.

Following your Doctor’s orders is not enough.  Understanding and questioning treatment options with your Doctor creates the empowerment you must have to manage your chronic pain.  Chronic pain is different than a heart attack patient who gives themselves to their cardiologist, or that of a cancer patient who gives themselves to their oncologist.

In most cases we hear of these patient’s improvement and recovery; a return to their lives.  We understand there are setbacks and disappointments, but these patients improve over time.  Chronic pain is an anomaly.  As advances in medical understanding, technology, and procedures increases, patient successful outcomes decreases.

Chronic pain patients can no longer give themselves to their doctor and say “fix me, please?”  Chronic pain patients must take charge of their chronic pain, taking the initiative to understand their chronic pain and learn how to partner with their doctor on longterm strategies and solutions.

Visit Painweb Help to understand and learn you are not alone.

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