Completed painweb Forms-Injuries / Disorders

Here is my painweb form organizing my injuries and disorders.

Injuries / Disorders


Osteoporosis.....lumbar spine
Sacroilitis......both hips 
Radiculopathy.....both legs and feet
Lumbar Spondylosis.....osteoarthritis L2-3 through L5-s1
Cervical Spondylosis.....osteoarthritis C4-5 through C7-8
Spinal Stenosis.......Lumber L2-3 level
Retrolisthesis......displaced vertebra in Lumbar spine 
Fibrosis.....thoracic , lumbar & other areas due to several surgeries
Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) result of several spinal fusion surgeries
Pseudoarthrosis.......Lumbar level L2-3
Chronic Pain Syndrome (CPS)


Mitral Valve Prolapse
Low Testosterone

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