Medical ID

Medical ID is necessary for anyone with a serious medical condition. 

Those suffering with Chronic Pain that are prescribed opioid pain medication(s), have an implanted medical neurological device such as a spinal cord stimulator and, or intrathecal pump, should carry on their person at all times a Medical ID that include allergies, important medications, medical conditions, and emergency contact numbers.

A quick google search of “Medical ID” will reveal a wide variety of companies and services providing Medical ID options.

Wearable Medical ID jewelry, or an easy to carry USB Flash Drive are just a few popular Medical ID options.  Many Medical ID companies will include a service that collects your medical information and makes it available to emergency medical personnel.  Apps are another option where you can enter your own medical information and have it readily available on your phone.

Choose whichever Medical ID option sounds best for you.  It’s also helpful to ask your doctor, family and friends for their thoughts as well.

Having your medical information readily available within seconds for the first-on the-scene emergency medical responders may help avoid a potential serious medical tragedy in the event you are unable to respond.

By all means, in the very least, carry your current Medical ID in written form and keep it easily locatable on your person at all times.

What type of Medical ID do I use?

I recently created a medical ID QR Code (Quick Response Code) as my way of communicating my Medical ID.  QR Code technology is fast, reliable and easy to create, use and update.  QR Codes can be instantly read by emergency medical responders too.

Below is my medical ID QR Code:



qrcode mypainweb MEd ID jpeg













Scanning the QR Code with any QR Code reader (I use QReation available in the Appstore to scan QR Codes) will connect you to my Medical ID.

Creating your own medical ID QR Code is easy & FREE.  Click on the link below to learn how:

QR Code Generator

After I created my medical ID QR Code, I uploaded the QR Code image to Cafe Press to print the my QR Code on a wearable tag.

Here’s my medical ID QR Code wearable tag:















QR Codes can be printed on just about anything.  The Cafe Press link is below:

Cafe Press

Love the idea of having a medical ID QR Code, but don’t want to do it yourself?  Just google “medical ID QR Codes” to find several companies that will do it all for you for a fee.

You can also click on the my Medical ID link below to see my Medical ID:

my Medical ID

I also wear a Medical ID bracelet identifying my implanted spinal cord stimulator and implanted intrathecal pump.

Questions, thoughts or comments about Medical ID?  Feel free to email me at


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