Doctor Finder

Finding the Right Doctor…..

  • How do you do that?
  • Where do you look?
  • Who do you ask?
  • What are their qualifications and experience?
  • Who can you trust?

Finding the best Doctor is your decision. Several sources can help:

  • Primary Care Physician referral
  • Insurance Carrier referral
  • Local Regional Hospital Patient Services Department
  • Yellow Page Directory
  • Internet Search
  • Family, Friends, Neighbors
  • Religious and Spiritual leaders

Another excellent source is the use of an internet Doctor Finder (click on the links below):

Using Doctor Finder websites is an effective way to find a Doctor qualified to care for your specific health care needs.

To find if a particular Doctor is Board Certified, use this link to find out:


Create a short list of at least three doctors using the above sources. Prior to calling for an appointment be sure you have a clear understanding of your medical needs.

Finding the right Doctor that works best with your personality is also an important component in selecting the right Doctor.  The website below helps take the guess work out of the question “Which doctor is best for me?”  This unique website provides you with powerful search tools and comprehensive information on doctors to help you make sense of your choices quickly and with confidence.



Doctor Compensation

If you are interested in knowing if a particular doctor received compensation from healthcare manufacturing companies and pharmaceutical companies for various services including research, speaking fees, meals or travel you can click on the following link to find out:

Doctor Compensation


Take a moment to click on mypainweb “Forms”. Completing these brief Forms prior to making your calls will insure you accurately answer any questions the Doctor’s office may ask you. These Forms will also allow you to provide all your necessary medical history as requested by the Doctor’s office.

Finding the right Doctor for you will help give you confidence that you are taking charge of your own painweb.

In some instances, you may want even more reassurance that you have the right Doctor. You can also go to mypainweb State “Medical Board Check” to learn more about your Doctor.

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