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My name is Steve Connock. I live with my family in Southwest Ohio. mypainweb began on September 20, 1994 as the result of a low back injury.

While I am the same Steve Connock prior to my initial injury over 21 years ago, mypainweb has changed every aspect of my life with just one exception, my name.

mypainweb is my relentless pursuit of conquering my chronic pain. The struggle to get back my life as it once was has been replaced with a clarity and understanding of chronic pain that will help you too.

Understand this; you don’t beat chronic pain…..you learn to live with it. It’s not giving in…..it’s trading up to an understanding and taking charge of your chronic pain.

mypainweb will give that “step back” perspective to see and understand your painweb. In doing so, it will give you a sense of control and empowerment to take charge of your chronic pain. This is the necessary leverage needed to allow chronic pain to coexist in your life under your terms.

mypainweb shares all factual details of my chronic pain odyssey. It’s through this disclosure of even my most personal medical information that the painweb is revealed.

There is no quick fix. There is complication, controversy, and contradiction which weighs heavily on the decisions you must make.

When I look back during the early days of my chronic pain, I would have found relief and confidence in the understanding of what was happening to my life if I knew the existence of mypainweb.

I felt compelled to share mypainweb the moment I realized it’s existence.

mypainweb will help you know more; allowing you to make better decisions about your painweb.

mypainweb shares with you MY experiences and MY understanding.

In no way does mypainweb constitute a medical opinion or negate the advice of your personal doctor or surgeon in any way. mypainweb’s intention is to INFORM you of my experiences and understanding.

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