A Loved One’s Survival Guide for Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain weaves it’s web well beyond the obvious physical, psychological and physiological affects that pain has on the individual.  Loved one’s including spouse, children, other family members (including pets) and close friends are also affected by Chronic Pain.

There are two parts to A Loved One’s Survival Guide for Chronic Pain.  Part one is a narrative written by Laura, my wife.  It is a must read by all who have a Loved One living with Chronic Pain.  It’s honest and from the heart.  It’s the reason I am here today; without my wife’s insight, mypainweb and chronic pain would have ultimately ended my life.  Part two is an excellent 12 Step Guide that serves an excellent “How to” resource on understanding a Loved One living with Chronic Pain.

Part 1: Laura’s Narrative 































































Part 2: 12 Step Guide

1) Remember that being sick does not mean that the sufferer is no longer a human being.

2) Learn the code.

3) Recognize the difference between “happiness” and “healthy”.

4) Listen.

5) Understand and respect the chronic pain sufferer’s physical limitations.

6) Leave your “pep talk” mode for your kids and your gym buddies.

7) Never use throwaway lines.

8) Check your own patience.

9) Be sensitive when suggesting medicines or alternative treatments.

10) Don’t be put off if the chronic pain sufferer seems touchy.

11) Be helpful.

12) Balance your career responsibilities.

Click on Understanding Someone with Chronic Pain to learn details of each of these 12 Steps along with video and Helpful Hints.

A Loved One’s Survival Guide will help you understand and interact with your Loved One’s chronic pain.  These guidelines and reminders will serve as your game plan as both chronic pain patient and caregiver work together to gain control of the painweb while improving quality of Life.

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